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iPad & android apps can be installed by clicking here

If this is what your looking for then please read below! Bein sports now allow 3 devices to be logged in simultaneously so it’s even better this season. For £80 for the year its an absolute steal.

Bein Sports offer so many different leagues such as the Premier League, Championship, Champions League, FA Cup, League Cup and lots of international football too. All live English games have English commentary too.

Over the years there have been many methods on how to watch your team come 3pm. This was mainly available via satellite. However there has been a new ruling that stops the broadcasters from being able to show more than 1 3pm game on a Saturday. 

The broadcasters have now decided to offer all the games on their online streaming platforms. The way they secure it is by using geographical ip detection.

How its going to work

First of all to buy a subscription from Bein sports but to do this we need to appear to be coming from within the permitted countries that Bein stream too as this is the way the geo-ip system works. We therefore need a service called SmartDNS you can get this from

Simply head over to their website and purchase just the SmartDNS service for $4.95 a month which works out to about £3 a month (They are also very good for VPN’s too for the extra $5 a month). Once you have purchased it you need to enable it on your system. Overplay has some very good guides that can be seen HERE all you need to do is follow the guide for setting up theSmartDNS and not the VPN.

If you think you are all done click HERE then log in and select Smart DNS you should then get a green button saying SmartDNS is active like the picture below!


Now that you have the SmartDNS enabled you need to head over to then you should be presented with a page that looks like below.


Scroll down this page until you see the subscribe button in the image below.


After this you need to select the subscription package you want. This is totally up to you in terms of length, however make sure you are purchasing the global pass like below.



After this fill out your personal details and select any country from the drop down menu. (We always select Egypt)




Once this is done you need to agree to the terms and conditions and select which payment method you are going to go with. We will always recommend you pay with PayPal.


Once you press ‘Continue to secure payment’ you will be redirected to PayPal’s site and here you need to either log in or create a account. Once you have done this you can proceed to pay like below.





Once completed you will be redirected to Bein’s website and now you can start streaming all the content you wish!



Just hit ‘Go to content’ and then on the Bein page just click on ‘Connect’ and then you will be presented with all the channels you’re able to watch. If you’re feeling really adventourous and want more than one game/channel at a time you can select schedule on the player on the left and then get up to 4 streams playing all at once like below!


How to watch Bein Sports from anywhere in the world.